April 7, 2014

So How Was Your Monday

Awesome Monday everyone, and I was almost a few seconds late to class although most people won't have cared because it was P.E. One thing that is funny that I did today while walking home today was staring at my tablet, some people might actually think I was playing game or something, but I was actually reading.

Today's Monday fact not food fact just messing with with pictures today
On this day in 1964, the IBM announced the System/360

So How Was Your Monday?

March 31, 2014

Monday, March 31, 2014: Got to Sleep in Because of STAAR test

Today is Monday and staar has started in Texas.
Today is Monday, and STAAR test has started in Texas, but I am not as sad as I used to be on Mondays because today I got to sleep in and go to school before 11:45AM.
  I went to school before 11:45AM and stayed in the cafeteria most of the day and did English work.
Tomorrow is my own STAAR test, so there is no sleeping in tomorrow.Wish me Luck.

March 27, 2014

Ever Heard Oh No It Is Monday

You sleep all weekend and on that Sunday night at 10:00pm do you feel like crying, or do you laugh when you know that the following day is going to Monday. Well this blog it is for you to share how your Mondays went.